We strive to serve the market and clients with the best products which are reliable, innovative and user friendly. Each product is designed with attention to smallest details. We make sure that our product stands apart in terms of Design, technology and aesthetics.

Our products are developed together with OEMs to the highest performance requirements and made to the stringent quality standards. Our world class manufacturing facilities give us confidence in realizing such products, taking care of the greener environment.


VVIPL offers a wide range of world class switches for Automotive OEMs in passenger as well as off road vehicles. We take pride in developing user friendly switches with superior functionality.

Our switches are a perfect blend of innovative technology and appealing aesthetics. We understand the future of switching technology and keep ourselves up to date with the new trends and technologies that make a difference.

Our Products Range

  • 1. Steering column control module (SCCM)
  • 2. Window lifter switch
  • 3. Steering wheel switches
  • 4. Mirror adjustable switch
  • 5. Headlamp leveling switch
  • 6. Master light control module
  • 7. Hazard Warning switch
  • 8. Fascia switch bank
  • 9. Door switch
  • 10. Start-Stop switch
  • 11. Brake & Clutch switch
  • 12. Reverse light switch
  • 13. HVAC Control Panel (Manual and Automatic)